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Set types
For foure Square Dance for eight Miscellaneous
Longwayes for six Longwayes for eight Longwayes for as many as will
Round for six Round for eight Round for as many as will

For foure
Argeers Cuckolds all a row The Glory of the West
Hit and Misse Hearts Ease Parsons farewell
Saint Martins
Longwayes for six
Adsons Saraband All in a Garden Green The Begger Boy
Blew Cap Boat-man Chestnut (or Doves Figary)
Confesse Dissembling Love Greenwood
Grimstock Jack a Lent Jack Pudding
Mayden Lane Millisons Jegg The New Exchange
The Night Peece The Old Mole Picking of sticks
Scotch Cap Shepheards Holyday, or Labour in Vain Stingo, or the Oyle of Barley
Upon a Summers Day The Whirligig The Whish
Longwayes for eight
Aye me, or the Simphony Broome: The bonny bonny Broome Cherrily and Merrily
The Chirping of the Larke Daphne Grayes Inne Maske
The Health Lady Spellor Lord of Carnarvans Jegg
The merry merry Milk Maids The Milk-Mayds Bobb My Lady Cullen
None such Parson upon Dorothy Solomons Jigge
The Spanish Jeepsie The Spanyard Mr. Webbs Fancy
Longwayes for as many as will
All a Mode de France An Old man is a Bed full of bones The Bath
Bobbing Joe Cast a Bell The Country Coll
Drive the cold Winter away The Fryar and the Nun Goddesses
The Gun Halfe Hannikin Have at thy Coat old Woman
A Health to Betty Hockley in the Hole I loved thee once, I love no more
The Irish Lady, or Aniseed-water Robin Irish Trot Jog On
Lady lye near me Lavena The London Gentlewoman, Or the Hemp-Dresser
The Maid peept out at the window, Or the Frier in the Well New Boe Peep New New Nothing
Once I lov'd a Maiden fair Pauls Steeple Pauls Wharfe
Petticoat Wag The Punks Delight Row well ye Mariners
The Saraband Saturday night and Sunday morn The Silver Faulken
Skellamefago The Slip Souldiers life
Stanes Morris Tom Tinker Trenchmore
Tutch and take Under and over
Round for six
Jenny pluck Pears Kemps Jegg Mundesse
Round for eight
The fine Companion If all the World were Paper Kettle Drum
Mage on a Cree Newcastle
Round for as many as will
Chirping of the Nightingale Gathering Peascods Mill-field
Peppers Black Rose is white and Rose is red Up tails all
Winifreds Knot, or Open the door to three
Square Dance for eight
Dull Sir John Faine I would Hide Parke
Dargason, or Sedany (for as many as will) Lulle me beyond thee (for eight) Step Stately (longways for 6, 10, 14 or 18)

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