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The Irish Lady, or Aniseed-water Robin Longwayes for as many as will

Lead up all a D. and back _._ That again _:_ Set and turn S. _._ That again _:_

First man and 2. Wo. go about into each others places _._ First Wo. and 2. man as much _:_ First man and 2. Wo. change places, the other as much _._ Cast off and fall into the 2. place _:_

First Cu. crosse over, the man going on the inside, the 2. Wo. into the first Wo. place, and the Wo.on the outside,the 2.man into the 2. place _._ Crosse over, and go the man about the 2. man, and the Wo. about the 2. Wo. into your places _:_ Hands a crosse, round in your places _._ First man cast off, leading the 2 man about, and fall into his place, the first Wo. doing the like _:_

The first and 2. men change places by the right hands, We. doing as much, fall all four a brest, and lead up to the presence _._ Fall back a D. the first man cast off to the left, and fall into his own place, the 2. man following him. We. do the like at the same time _:_ First and third Cu. change places each with his own, the first man and 2. Wo. change places _._ First Wo. and 2. man change places, set and turn S. _:_

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