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Argeers For foure

Meet all, take each others Wo. by both hands, two slips to the left, and two to the right, change places, turn your own once and a halfe _._ Meet again, turn each others Wo. to your places, turn your own _:_ Men change places, We. change places, set and turn S._._ We. change places, men change places, set and turn S. _:_

Lead each others Wo. to the left hand, fall a D. back, and turn your own _._ Back, all meet again, set and turn S. _:_ Men go to the right hand, and back again, the We. going to the left, turn each others We. _._ We. meet and back, men go the S. Hey, and to your places _:_

Put each others Wo. back by both hands, slip to the right hand; fall down on the contrary side, set and turn S. _._ slip between each other to your places, put them backward and forward by both hands, set and turn S. _:_ One man cast off with the Co. Wo. the other following then they cast off the other way, the other following, to your places _._ Then halfe the S. Hey, turn your own, fall all a brest to the presence _:_

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