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All a Mode de France Longwayes for as many as will

Lead up all a D. and back, this again _:_ Set and turn singl, this again _:_

First Cu. meet, take both hands, and fall in between the 2. Cu. each of you turn your face towards them, and put them back, you meet the two men and We. all four fall back, and turn your Woman, so to all.

Sides all to the right and left, set and turn S. this again _._ Then fall all into one File, each Wo. behind her own man * ) * ) * ) * ) _:_ Then armes all with your own by the right and left, and remain in the same Figure, then men fall off to the right, and We. to the left hand, fall back into the same Figure, then men to the left, and We. to the right, and back again into the same Figure, then the first man fall into his first place, and his Wo. the like, so the rest one after another, then the first man takes his Wo. by the hand, his left hand to the 2. Woman, the right to the 3. and so forward, his Woman doing the like on the other side, untill you all meet again in your places.

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