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Adsons Saraband Longwayes for six

Lead up a D. forward and back, set and turn S. _._ That again _:_ Men go a D. from your We. to the wall, come back to your We. set and turn single _.:_ Then the Women as much _:__:_

Men go all down while the Women go up, men slip to the right hand, and We. to the left, fall even to the Co. side, set and turn S. _._ All this again, the Co. way to your places, set and turn single _:_

First Cu. go down betwixt the 2. they coming up, the third come up between the first, then the 2. come to their places between the third, set and turn S. _._ All this back again, to your places _:_

Go all to the left hand crosse the Room, set and turn S. _._ First and last on each side meet and go back, turn each other, the second turning his own _:_ Change all places with your own, set and turn single _.:_ First Cu. lead down between the rest, come with a Compasse to your places, the rest following _:__:_

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