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The Glory of the West For four

Meet a D.fall back,open and close _._ fall back a D.meet, open and close _:_ Back men , We. turn S. back We. men turn S. men crosse over, We. crosse over, hands round and go halfe to your places.

Sides with the Co. We.set to them _._ sides with your own Wo. set to her _:_ Men turn off to the left hand, and fall behind your We. back to back, turn back again to your places, We. as much, change places round till you come to your own places , then take right hands a crosse , and go round to your places _:_

Arms as you sided _:_ Men meet, We. meet, and give right hands a crosse,men go under their arms to your own places, men hands a crosse, and We. go under as the men did, men right hands to the Co. We. then left hands to their own , and fall into the contrary places, hand in a ring and go halfe round to your places , falling all a brest to the presence _:_

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