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Irish Trot Longwayes for as many as will

Lead up all a D and back, set and turn S. _._ Lead down all a D. and back, set and turn S. _:_ The first man take his Wo. with his right hand, then with his left, and so holding hands a crosse change places, fall back from each other, meet again, fall back, then arms with your Wo and stay in your places, the man on the Wo. side, and his Wo. on the mens side _.:_ hands in like manner with the 2. Wo. changing places with her on the right hand , while the Wo. doth the like with the 2. man, holding him in her left hand , both Cu. fall back from each other , meet again, fall back, arms with your own, and so forward to the rest, who following do the like.

Take your own Wo. in your right hand, and the 2. Wo. on your left, meet the 2. man, fall back, each man honour to his own Wo. then to each others Wo. take them by the right hands , then your own by the left hands , the first Cu. into the 2. place, and the 2. into the first place _._ The rest following _.:_

Lead up all a D. and back, cast off all and meet, the first Cu. below, and the last Cu. above , take your We. in your left hand , and lead them all to the left round about to the same places. Lead down all a D. and back , cast off and meet in your own places, as at the first, take your We. in your right hands, and lead them round about to the right hand, to your own places _._

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