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Faine I would, A square Dance for eight thus,

Lead all out, lead all in again, 1.man and 4.Wo. the 1.Wo. and 2. man change places by both hands, the other four doing the like, then the 1. man and 1. Wo. the 2. and 4. Wo. change by both hands, the other four doing the like _._ then each man hands with the Wo. on his left hand, lead out and in as before, changing places, back again as before _:_ The 1 and 3.Cu. meet, the 2.and 4.falling back, the 1. and 3. Cu.fall back, four a breast, the 2.man and 4.Wo.with the 2.Cu. the 4.man and 2.Wo. with the 3. the 1.man and 3.Wo. the 3.man and 1.Wo.armes and fall into the 4. and 2. places , whilst the 2.man and 4.Wo. the 4. man and 2. Wo. armes behind , and fall into the 1. and 3.places _._ The other as much _:_ As in Oxford.

Sides and change places as before _._ Sides again, and change places, back again _:_ The 1.and 3.Cu. cast off, and come into your places all again, the 4. Wo. following the 2.man, the 2.man and the 1.Wo., the 2.Wo. the 3.man, the 4.man the 3. Wo. the uppermost and lowermost foure, hands round, to your places _._ The 2. and 4. Cu. cast off, and the other follow , to your places, foure and foure of each side, hands round, to your places.

Armes and change as you sided _._ That againe , to your places _:_ The 1. and 3. Cu. meet , turn back to back, the other foure hands about them , and go round to the right, and fall into each others places, the 2.man and 4. Wo. into the 1. place, the 4. man and 2. Wo. into the 3. place, the 1. man and 3. Wo. into the 4. place , the 3. man and 1. Wo. into the 2. place _._ The other foure as much _:_

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