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Cuckolds all a row For four

Meet all forwards and back _._ That again _:_ Turn back to back to the Co. We. faces again, go about the Co. We. not turning your faces _._ Turn back to back to your own, faces again, go about your own not turning faces _:_

Sides all with your own _._ Sides with the Co. _:_ Men change places, We. change places hands all, go round _._ We. change places, men change places, hands all and go round, to your places _:_

Arms all with your own _._ Arms with the Co. _:_ Men put the Co. We. back by both hands, fall even on the Co. side, men cast off to the right hand, your We. following, come to the same place again _._ put them back again, fall on your own side, men cast off to the left hand, and come to your places, the We. following _:_

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