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Jack Pudding Longwayes for six

First and 2. Cu. lead up a D.and fall back, whilst the 3. Cu. lead up to the top between the other, first and 2. Cu. lead up again and back, whilst the 3. lead down. Third Cu. lead up between the other, and casting off, go on the out side under their arms, crosse over and under their arms, and fall to the bottome as at first, then the first four hands and round , and sit whilst the third do as much.

Sides all _._ That again _:_ Men round and hold up their hands, We. under their arms, and turn their own, We. go round, and each man turn his own.

Arms all _._ That again _:_ Third Cu. lead under the first Cu. arms, and come face to the We. hands you four and round, the first Cu. fall into the 3. place, the third Cu. fall into the 2. and the 2. into the first place _._

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