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Animation:Master Gallery

In late December, 2000, I bought Hash's Animation:Master. Quite a bit different than what I was used to (POV-Ray's text-based scene description language), I've finally got a couple of things I wouldn't mind showing. Click on the thumbnail graphics to see the full-sized images.

Click me! Hair Test — An attempt to model a human face, and a test of the A:M version 11 hair system.

Click me! Office Renderings — Created to show my boss what his proposed plans for our new office space would look like.

Click me! Class J Starship Bridge — Created for an "interior design" contest at 3DGladiators. Multiple angles of a conjectural pre-original-Star-Trek starship bridge, with closeups on some of the details, and a series of work-in-progress "snapshots". This design won the contest.

Click me! Still Life with Lute, Cornamuse and Oranges — Created for March 2001 Hash Image Contest.

Click me! Lightsaber Effects Test — After purchasing a digital video camera, I decided to see how difficult it would be to add computer graphics to live-action video. Actually, it was pretty easy. (MPEG-1 with sound, 360x240; approximately 710 KB)

Click me! Future Architecture — An image designed and created for the "Metropolitan Living Homes" Website in the AI Web promotion.

Click me! Commlock — A digital re-creation of a hand prop from Space:1999.

Click me! Comm Post — A companion to the above model, this one re-creates the communications posts used on Moonbase Alpha in Space:1999.

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