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In late December 2001, I bought a Handspring Visor Prism. Having been an enthusiastic computer programmer for over twenty years, my next step was (naturally) to download the SDK and begin writing programs for my new toy. The programs on these pages were written for my own use; if for some bizarre reason you find them useful or entertaining, then you're welcome to them. All of the applications (and various other files) on these pages are freeware, though if you happen to enjoy them, an email to that effect would be nice.

LuteFrets LuteFrets v1.00 (3 January 2002)
A fret-placement calculator, designed for lutes but useful for other fretted instruments.

16th-Century Jokes 16th-century Jokes (3 January 2002)
A collection of jokes, jests, anecdotes and witticisms excerpted from two 16th-century sources. 46K unzipped (40K zipped)
The Cobler Turned Courtier The Cobler Turned Courtier (4 January 2002)
A fictional tale about King Henry VIII and a cobbler, originally printed in 1680. 11K unzipped (10K zipped)
The Sea-Gunner The Sea-Gunner (excerpts) (4 January 2002)
Fourteen chapters of a treatise on the art of gunnery at sea, originally printed in 1691. 55K unzipped (49K zipped)

Gimp Palettes GIMP Palettes (3 January 2002)
2-bit (greyscale), 4-bit (greyscale) and 8-bit (color) PalmOS palettes for use with The GIMP. 6K unzipped (2K zipped)