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Of the Principal Matters
contained in this Book.

Title Page


Transcriber's Note

CHAP. I. Of Vulgar Arithmetick,

CHAP. II. Of Decimal Arithmetick,

CHAP. III. The Extraction of the Square-Root by Arithmetick,

CHAP. IV. Containing Geometrical Rudiments useful in the Art of Gunnery,

Chap. V. Geometrical Theorems and Problems,

CHAP. VI. Of the different Fortifications of most Pieces of Ordnance,

CHAP. VII. How much Powder is fit for Proof, and what for Action, for any Piece of Ordnance.
To make Ladles to load your Guns with,

CHAP. VIII. To know what Bullet is fit to be used for any Gun,
To make Cartridges, Moulds and Formers for any sort of Ordnance,

CHAP. IX. Containing certain Theorems in Gunnery,
A Table of Right Ranges, or point blanck at several degrees of Mounture,

CHAP. X. Necessary Instructions for a Gunner,

CHAP. XI. Shewing an easie way to dispart a Piece of Ordnance.

CHAP. XII. To level a Piece of Ordnance to shoot point blank,

CHAP. XIII. How to search a Piece of Ordnance, and to discover whether there be any Flaws, Cracks or Hony Combs in any Piece,

CHAP. XIV. How Moulds, Formers and Cartridges are to be made for any sort of Ordnance,

CHAP. XV. How much Rope will make Breechings, and Tackles for any Piece,

CHAP. XVI. How to know what Diameter every shot must be of, to fit any Piece of Ordnance,
To tertiate a Piece of Ordnance,
How to make a Shot out of one Ship into another, in any weather whatsoever,
In what order to place your great Guns in Ships,

CHAP. XVII. Several things necessary to be known by a Gunner, but especially of Powder,
To know good Powder,
To preserve Powder from decaying,
To find the experimental weight of Powder (Tower proof) that is found convenient for Service, to be used in Guns of several fortifications or thickness, and by consequence strength of Metal,
To know whether the Trunions of any Gun are placed right,
The Practical way of making Gun-Powder,
To renew and make good again any sort of Gun-Powder, having lost its strength by moisture, long-lying, or by any other means,

CHAP. XVIII. How to make Hand-Granadoes to be hove by hand,

CHAP. XIX. How to make fire Pots of Clay,
How to make Powder-Chests and Stink-Balls,

CHAP. XX. The Properties, Office, and Duty of a Sea-Gunner,


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