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More Mottoes
from 16th-century sources

    The following mottoes (mostly in Latin) are taken from various sources printed before the year 1600: Paradin's Devises (1591), Simeoni's Purtratures (1591), Willet's Emblemata (1592), Giovio's Imprese (1585), Domenichi's Devises (1585), and Whitney's Emblemes (1586).

    This is a more complete list than I put up here, but it still does not contain the entire collection of mottoes in the books listed above. Excluded were fragmentary mottoes, mottoes which described an accompanying image but made no sense without it, and a number of religious mottoes.

Ab insomni non custodita Dracone.
   Not guarded by the sleepless dragon.

Aculei irriti.
   Ineffectual stings.

Aequabit nigras candida una dies.
   One single bright day will equal the black ones.

Aequari pavet alta minori.
   A lofty thing fears being made equal with a lower.

Aere quendoque salutem redimendam.
   Safety must sometimes be bought with money.

Aethiopiem lavare.
   To wash an Ethiopian.

Agentes, et consentientes, pari poena puniendi.
   Those acting and those consenting ought to bear equal punishment.

Aliena pericula, cautiones nostrae.
   Others' dangers are our warnings.

Aliquid mali propter vicinum malum.
   Harm because of an evil neighbour.

Alius peccat, alius plectitur.
   One sins, the other is beaten.

Alterutra clarescere fama. Sive bonum, sive malum, fama est.
   To become famous in one way or the other, whether it be good or bad, it is fame.

Amarus vitiorum fructus.
   The fruit of sin is bitter.

Amicitia fucata vitanda.
   Feigned friendship to be avoided.

Amicitia, etiam post mortem durans.
   Friendship enduring even after death.

Amico ficto nulla fit iniuria.
   No injury done to a feigned friend.

Animi scrinium servitus.
   Servitude, the cage of the soul.

Animis illabere nostris.
   You will steal into our hearts.

Animus, non res.
   Mind, not property.

Ante ferit, quam flamma micet.
   It strikes before the flame flickers.

Antidoti salubris amaror.
   The bitterness of the healing antidote.

Arbitrii mihi iura mei.
   My laws are my will.

Ardua deturbans vis animosa quatit.
   The strength of courage shatters higher things.

Ars deluditur arte.
   Craft deceived by craft.

Aspicit unam.
   It sees one only.

Attendite vobis.
   Attend to yourselves.

Audaces fortuna iuvat.
   Fortune helps the brave.

Aude aliquid dignum.
   Dare something worthy.

Aude, tace, fuge.
   Listen, be silent, flee.

Aureae compedes.
   Golden shackles.

Auri sacra fames quid non?
   What does accursed greed for gold not drive men to do?

Aut Caesar aut nihil.
   Caesar or nothing.

Aut cum hoc aut in hoc.
   Either with this or on this.

Autor ego audendi.
   I am the author of my daring.

Avaritia huius saeculi.
   The avarice of this generation.

Bene agendo nunquam defessus.
   Never weary of doing good.

Bilingues cavendi.
   One should beware of the double-tongued.

Bis dat qui cito dat.
   He gives twice who gives quickly.

Bis dat qui temptestive donat.
   He gives twice who gives on time.

Bivium virtutis et vitii.
   The crossroads of virtue and vice.

Cacus amor prolis.
   Love of one's offspring is blind.

Caecum odium.
   Blind hatred.

Caelitus impendet.
   It hangs in the heavens.

Caelo imperium iovis extulit ales.
   The bird of Jupiter raised the empire to the heavens.

Caelum, non animum.
   The clime, not the mind.

Calumniam contra calumniatorem virtus repellit.
   Virtue turns calumny back against the calumniator.

Candor illesus.
   Purity unharmed.

Captivus, ob gulam.
   Captured by gluttony.

Cavete a canibus.
   Beware of the dogs.

Cedo nulli.
   I yield to no one.

Celsa potestatis species.
   The lofty sign of power.

Celsae potestatis species.
   The representation of exalted power.

Certanti et resistenti victoria cedit.
   Victory yields to the one who struggles and resists.

Cessit victoria victis.
   Victory has yielded to the vanquished.

Charitas non quaerit quae sua sunt.
   Love does not seek things for itself.

Colligavit nemo.
   No one has bound me.

Comminus et eminus.
   Near and far.

Comminus quo minus.
   The lesser a thing, the closer.

Conantia frangere frangunt.
   They break those which are trying to break them.

Concussus surgo.
   When struck I rise.

Consequitur quodcumque petit.
   She obtains whatever she desires.

Constantia comes victoriae.
   Perseverance a companion of victory.

Contemnit tuta procellas.
   Secure, she despises storms.

Corpus non animae domicilium sed diversum est.
   The body is not the abode of the soul but its enemy.

Cosi vivo piacer conduce a morte.
   Such intense pleasure leads to death.

Crocodili lachrymae.
   Tears of the crocodile.

Cum crepitat, sonora silent.
   When it rattles, loud words subside.

Cum larvis non luctandum.
   One must not struggle with ghosts.

Cum plena est, sit emula Solis.
   When full, she may rival the sun.

Cum pudore laeta foecunditas.
   Happy fecundity accompanied by modesty.

Cum tempore mutamur.
   We change with time.

Cuncta complecti velle, stultum.
   It is foolish to wish to encompass all things.

Curis tabescimus omnes.
   We are all consumed by cares.

Cursum intendimus alis.
   We wing our way.

De mal me paists.
   I feed on evil.

De parvis grandis a cervus erit.
   Small things will make a large pile.

Desiderium spe vacuum.
   Desire void of hope.

Desidiam abiiciendam.
   Sloth to be rejected.

Dia de mas valer.
   A day of more worth.

Discite iustitiam moniti.
   Having been warned, learn justice.

Discretis sua virtus inest.
   When separated, each has its own virtue.

Dissidia inter aequalies, pessima.
   Dissensions among equals are the worst.

Distantia iungit.
   It holds distant things united.

Ditat servata fides.
   Loyalty preserved enriches.

Diversa ab illis virtute valemus.
   We are strong because our skill differs from theirs.

Donec totum impleat orben.
   Until it fills the whole world.

Dov' é gran fuoco é gran fumo.
   Where there is great fire, there is great smoke.

Dum aetatis ver agitur: consule brumae.
   Provide for the winter of your life while its spring is still here.

Dum potes vive.
   Live, while you can.

Dum spiro spero.
   As long as I breathe, I hope.

Dum vivo, prosum.
   While I live, I do good.

Dura usu molliora.
   Difficult things become easier with practice.

Durum telum necessitas.
   Necessity is a hard weapon.

Ecquis discernit utrumque?
   Is there anyone who discerns both?

Ecquis emat tanti sese demittere?
   Who would buy so dear the privilege of plunging into misery?

Ei, qui semel sua prodegerit, aliena credi non oportere.
   He who has once squandered his own, ought not to be trusted with another's.

En altera quae vehat Argo.
   Behold another Argo to carry them.

Erit altera merces.
   The one or the other will be my reward.

Est mihi sorte datum.
   It is given to me by chance.

Esto tiene su remedio y non yo.
   This creature has his remedy, but I do not.

Ex bello, pax.
   From war, peace.

Ex damno alterius, alterius utilitas.
   One man's loss is another man's advantage.

Ex hoc in hoc.
   For this reason.

Ex maximo minimum.
   The least from the greatest.

Experientia docet.
   Experience teaches.

Expetendae opes ut dignis largiamur.
   We should seek riches so that we may give to the deserving.

Expiabit aut obruet.
   It will purge or cause ruin.

Fal con tempo.
   Do it in time.

Fata obstant.
   The fates obstruct.

Fata viam invenient.
   The fates will find the way.

Fatuis levia committito.
   Entrust trifles to fools.

Feriunt summis fulmina montes.
   Lightning strikes the mountain tops.

Festina lente.
   Hasten slowly.

Fidem fati virtute sequemur.
   With my own virtue I shall strive to achieve the promise given to me by destiny.

Fides hoc uno, virtusque probantur.
   Virtue and faith are tested by this alone.

Finem transcendit habendi.
   He goes beyond the proper limit of acquiring wealth.

Finiunt pariter renovantque labores.
   They finish at the same time and renew their labour.

Flectimur non frangimur undis.
   We are bent but not broken by waves.

Flectimur obsequio non viribus.
   We bend out of compliance and not because of force.

Fortia facere et pati Romanum est.
   To do brave deeds and to suffer is Roman.

Fortibus non deerunt.
   The brave will not lack them.

Fortissima minimis interdum cedunt.
   The strongest sometimes yield to the smallest.

Fragrantia durant Herculea collecta manu.
   When gathered by Hercules' hand, they keep their fragrance.

Fraus meretur fraudem.
   Deceit deserves deceit.

Frons hominem praefert.
   The forehead reveals the man.

Frustra vigilant.
   They stand guard in vain.

Fugientes afflictio sequitur.
   Suffering follows those who flee.

Furor et rabies.
   Fury and madness.

Furor fit laesa saepius patientia.
   Patience when tested too often turns to anger.

Gratiam referendam.
   Favour to be repaid.

Habet et bellum suas leges.
   Even war has its laws.

Hac iullac perfluo.
   I flow this way and that.

Hac virtutis iter.
   This is the path to virtue.

Haud sidit inane.
   It does not sink when empty.

Heu cadit in quemquam tantum scelus.
   Alas, that so great a crime falls upon anyone.

Hic ratio tentandi aditus.
   This is the way to the entranceway.

Hic terminus haeret.
   Here is the end.

Hinc aliquando eluctabor.
   Sometime I shall struggle out of here.

Hinc sola salus.
   This is my only salvation.

His ducibus.
   With these as guides.

Hoc fac et vives.
   Do this and you shall live.

Hoc Latio restare canunt.
   They predict that this awaits Rome.

Hoc opus.
   This is my work.

Hoc per se nihil est, sed si minimum addideris maximum fieret.
   This by itself is nothing, but if you should add even the least to it, it would become the greatest.

Hoc uno Iupiter ultor.
   With this alone Jupiter punishes.

Homines voluptatibus transformantur.
   Men are transformed by pleasures.

Homo homini lupus.
   Man is a wolf to man.

Honni soit qui mal y pense.
   Let him be dishonoured who thinks evil of it.

Horrent commota moveri.
   What has been disturbed shrinks from being stirred up again.

Hosti etiam servanda fides.
   Faith must be kept even to the enemy.

Hypocritae progenies viperarum.
   Hypocrites are the offspring of vipers.

Ignis gladio non fodiendus.
   The fire should not be stirred by the sword.

Il me plait le trouble.
   Trouble pleases me.

Illicitum non sperandum.
   The unlawful should not be hoped for.

Importunitas evitanda.
   Importunity should be avoided.

Improbitas subigit rectum.
   Wrong subdues right.

Improbus a nullo flectitur obsequio.
   The wicked are not swayed by obsequiousness.

Impunitas ferociae parens.
   Impunity is the parent of ferocity.

In aeternum.

In dies meliora.
   Better day by day.

In hunc intuens.
   Look at this.

In poenam sectatur et umbra.
   For punishment even a shadow is pursued.

In se contexta recurrit.
   Intertwined together, it returns to itself.

In utraque fortuna.
   I prosper either way.

In utrumque paratus.
   Ready for both.

In viridi teneras exurit flamma medullas.
   In the green, the flame consumes their tender marrows.

Inanis impetus.
   A futile effort.

Incerta animi decreta resolvet.
   She will dispel the uncertainties of the mind.

Inclinata resurgit.
   When pressed down, it raises itself again.

Indulgentia parentum, filiorum pernicies.
   The indulgence of parents is the bane of children.

Industria naturam corrigit.
   Industry corrects nature.

Infortunia nostra, alienis collata, leviora.
   Our misfortunes, compared with those of others, become lighter.

Infringit solido.
   It breaks against a solid.

Ingenio experior funera digna meo.
   I suffer ruin worthy of mine own invention.

Ingenium superat vires.
   Genius overcomes strength.

Ingentia marmora findet caprificus.
   The fig-tree splits huge blocks of marble.

Ingratis servire nefas.
   It is wrong to serve the ungrateful.

Inimicorum dona, infausta.
   Gifts of enemies are unlucky.

Iniuriis, infirmitas subiecta.
   Weakness is subject to wrongs.

Inter omnes.
   Among all.

Interdum requiescendum.
   Sometimes we must rest.

Interiora vide.
   Look within.

Interminabilis humanae vitae labor.
   The unending labour of human life.

Invitum fortuna fovet.
   Fortune helps a man even against his will.

Ipsa suae testis victoria cladis.
   Victory itself is a witness to its disaster.

Ita et virtus.
   Thus also virtue.

Iupiter merentibus offert.
   Jupiter rewards the deserving.

Iusto geminantur anni.
   The years are doubled for the just.

Labor irritus.
   Labour in vain.

Lasciai di me la meglior parte a dietro.
   I left the better part of me behind.

Lasciviae penitentia.
   Penitence for lasciviousness.

Latet anguis in herba.
   A snake lurks in the grass.

Loco et tempore.
   In place and time.

Longo splendescit in usu.
   With long use it shines.

Los llenos de dolor y, Los vazios de speranza.
   Those that are full contain sorrow; those that are empty, hope.

Ludus, luctus, luxus.
   Gaming, grief, gluttony.

Mal va.
   It goes ill.

Male parta male dilabuntur.
   Ill-gotten, ill-spent.

Malo mori quam foedari.
   I prefer to die than to be dishonoured.

Malo undique clades.
   Disaster awaits the wicked on every side.

Manet insontem gravis exitus.
   A grim end awaits the innocent.

   One must make haste.

Me pompae provexit apex.
   The crown of triumph inspired me.

Mediocribus utere partis.
   Accept moderate possessions.

Melior fortuna notabit.
   Better fortune will write on it.

Mens immota manet.
   The mind unmoved remains.

Mercenarius fugit a grege.
   The hireling flees from the flock.

Merces sublimis honorum.
   The high reward of honour.

Mi nutrisco.
   I nourish myself on it.

Mihi pondera, luxus.
   Excess is a burden to me.

Mihi terra, lacusque.
   The land and the waters are mine.

Militamus sub spe.
   We fight under [the banner of] hope.

Minuit praesentia famam.
   Presence diminishes fame.

Mirandum naturae opus.
   Amazing is the work of nature.

Mitem animum agresti sub tegmine servo.
   I have a soft soul beneath a rough appearance.

Monstrant regibus astra viam.
   The stars show the way to kings.

Mors sceptra ligonibus aequans.
   Death makes sceptres equal with hoes.

Murus aeneus, sana conscientia.
   A wall of brass is a clear conscience.

Mutua foecunditas.
   Mutual fecundity.

Natura dictante feror.
   I fly where nature bids me.

Natura maiora facit.
   Nature does greater things.

Naturae non artis opus.
   A work of nature, not of art.

Ne discedas a statione.
   Do not desert your post.

Nec fas est, nec posse reor.
   I deem it neither lawful nor possible.

Nec sorte, nec fato.
   Not by chance nor by fate.

Nec spe, nec metu.
   Without hope or fear.

Nec verbo, nec facto, quenquam laedendum.
   Neither in word nor in deed should anyone be injured.

Neglecta virescunt.
   Neglected things flourish.

Nemo potest duobus dominis servire.
   No one can serve two masters.

Nil penna sed usus.
   Not the wing, but its use.

Nil solidum.
   Nothing is firm.

Nimium ne laetare secundis.
   Do not rejoice excessively in prosperity.

Nimium rebus ne fide secundis.
   Do not trust prosperity too much.

Nodos Virtute resolvo.
   Through Virtue I untie knots.

Noli altum sapere.
   Do not aim at lofty things.

Noli tuba canere Eleemosynam.
   Do not trumpet your charity.

Non cedit umbra soli.
   Shade does not yield to the sun.

Non deest generoso in pectore virtus.
   There is no lack of courage in a noble heart.

Non dolo, sed vi.
   Not by deceit, but by force.

Non inferiora secutus.
   Following not the inferior.

Non locus virum, sed vir locum ornat.
   Not the place the men, but the man adorns the place.

Non quam diu, sed quam bene.
   Not how long, but how well.

Non suefro mas de lo que puedo.
   I suffer no more than I am able.

Non vi sed virtute, non armis sed arte paritur victoria.
   Not by force but by virtue, not with arms but with art is victory won.

Non vos alaberis.
   You shall not boast.

Nous scavons bien le temps.
   We know well the time.

Nulla dies sine linea.
   Not a day without a line.

Nullus dolus contra Casum.
   No cunning against Chance.

Num flatus telluris honor.
   Surely honour is not simply a blast [of air] from the earth?

O vita, misero longa.
   O life, long to the wretched.

Obstantia nubila solvet.
   It will dissolve confronting clouds.

Obstrepuit inter olores.
   It clamoured among the swans.

Officium natura docet.
   Nature teaches one's duty.

Omnis caro foenum.
   All flesh is hay.

Otiosi semper egentes.
   The idle are always needy.

Otium sortem exspectat.
   Idleness awaits its destiny.

Pacatum ipse regam avitis vertutibus orbem.
   I shall rule the world pacified by the virtues of my ancestors.

Pacis et armorum vigiles.
   Vigilant in peace and arms.

Paix outragée se rend vengée.
   Outraged peace avenges itself.

Parvam culinam, duobus ganeonibus non sufficere.
   A small kitchen does not suffice for two gluttons.

Patent oves, timent canes, intrepidus maneo.
   The sheep are frightened, the dogs fear, I stand intrepid.

Patria cuique chara.
   One's homeland is dear to each.

Paupertatem summis ingeniis obesse ne provenhantur.
   Poverty hinders the greatest talents from advancing.

Perculsus elevor.
   Though struck I am raised.

Plus ultra.

Porto le corna ch'ogni Huomo le vede, e qualch' Altro le porta che nol crede.
   I bear horns that everyone can see. Someone else bears them too, but does not believe it.

Post amara dulcia.
   Sweet things come after bitter things.

Post funus spes una superstes.
   After death only one hope survives.

Posthac occasio calva.
   Later, opportunity is bald.

Pour dompter folie.
   To tame folly.

Praecocia non diuturna.
   Precocious things do not last long.

Prius mori quam fidem fallere.
   Die rather than betray trust.

Pro bono malum.
   Evil for good.

Proprio alitur succo.
   It nourishes itself from its own moisture.

Prostibuli eligantia.
   The elegance of a whore.

Prudentes vino abstinent.
   Prudent men abstain from wine.

Pulchritudo sine fructu.
   Beauty without fruit.

Pulchritudo vincit.
   Beauty conquers.

Qua dij vocant, eundum.
   Where the gods call, we must go.

Quae ante pedes.
   Things at our feet.

Quae sequimur fuimus.
   We flee what we follow.

Quaere adolescens, utere senex.
   Youth seek, the old man use.

Qui laborat, manducat.
   He who works, shall eat.

Qui lingua iurat, mentem non iniuratam gerit.
   He who swears with his tongue, carries a mind unsworn.

Qui pulchra affectat ardua perferat.
   He who strives after beauty, let him endure the arduous.

Qui se exaltat, humiliabitur.
   He who exalts himself will be humbled.

Qui socius est in malo, consors erit in supplicio.
   A partner in evil will also be a partner in punishment.

Qui vivens laedit morte medetur.
   He who hurts in life, heals in death.

Quietem nemo impune lacesset.
   Though I am peaceful, no one will attack me with impunity.

Quis contra nos?
   Who is against us?

Quod huic deest me torquet.
   What this creature lacks torments me.

Quod in te est, prome.
   Bring forth what is in you.

Quod me alit me extinguit.
   That which nourishes me extinguishes me.

Quod non capit Christus, rapit fiscus.
   What Christ does not take, the treasury snatches.

Quod potes, tenta.
   Try what you can.

Recedant vetera.
   Let old [offences] be forgiven.

Remedium tempestivum sit.
   Let there be a timely remedy.

Rerum Sapientia custos.
   Wisdom is the guardian of all things.

Res crescunt concordia.
   Things grow with harmony.

Res humanae in summo declinant.
   At their summit, human affairs decline.

Respice, et prospice.
   Look backwards and forwards.

Rhinoceros nunquam victus ab hoste cedit.
   The rhinoceros never turns away defeated from the enemy.

Saepius in auro bibitur venenum.
   Poison is more often drunk in gold.

Samnitico non capitur auro.
   He is not corrupted by Samnitic gold.

Sanguinis pretium sanguis.
   Blood is the price of blood.\

Sans point sortir hors de l'orniére.
   Without straying from the path.

Sauciat et defendit.
   It wounds and defends.

Scandala removenda sunt.
   Things causing offense must be removed.

Scribit in marmore laesus.
   The injured man writes in marble.

Scripta manent.
   Writings remain.

Scripta non temere edenda.
   Writings should not be published readily.

Semper pertinax.
   Always pertinacious.

Semper praesto esse infortunia.
   Misfortunes are always at hand.


Sero sapiunt Phryges.
   The Phrygians are wise too late.

Servari et servare meum est.
   My duty is to guard myself and others.

Servus curru portatur eodem.
   The slave rides in the same chariot.

Si nihil attuleris, ibis Homere foras.
   If, Homer, you do not bring anything, you will go outside.

Si sursum non efferor alis, saltem cursu praetervehor omnes.
   Though I do not soar high on my wings, I outstrip all in running.

Sic aetas fugit.
   Thus does life flee.

Sic frustra.
   Thus in vain.

Sic praedae patet esca sui.
   To catch its prey it offers itself as bait.

Sic vos non vobis.
   Thus you [fight] not for yourselves.

Simul astu et dentibus utor.
   I use my cunning and my teeth simultaneously.

Sina alienaque pignora nutrit.
   Her breasts nourish also an offspring not her own.

Sine iustitia, confusio.
   Without justice, confusion.

Sobrie potandum.
   One should drink moderately.

Sol non occidat super iracundiam vestram.
   Let the sun not set on your anger.

Soli Caesari.
   To Caesar alone.

Spiritus durissima coquit.
   A noble mind digests even the most painful injuries.

Staterae ordo non transiliendus.
   The balance of the scales should not be destroyed.

Strenuorum immortale nomen.
   The fame of men of action is immortal.

Studiis invigilandum.
   One must pay attention to studies.

Stultorum quanto status sublimior, tanto manifestior turpitudo.
   The higher the status of fools, the more manifest is their baseness.

Sufficit unum in tenebris.
   One suffices in darkness.

Suol di cilo vivo.
   Only of this do I live.

Superest quod supra est.
   What is above lives on.

Sustinet nec fatiscit.
   He holds up and does not weary.

Tanto monta.
   So much does he excel.

Te stante, virebo.
   With you standing, I shall flourish.

Tecum habita.
   Abide by yourself.

Tempore cuncta mitiora.
   Everything becomes mellower with time.

Tempus omnia terminat.
   Time ends all things.

Totum adimit quo ingrata refulget.
   The ungrateful takes away all with which she shines.

Translata proficit arbos.
   A tree makes progress when transplanted.

Triumphali e stipite surgens alta petit.
   Rising from triumphal stock it seeks the heights.

Trovommi amor del tutto disarmato.
   Love found me completely disarmed.

Tu decus omne tuis.
   You are all glory to your people.

Tunc tua res agitur, paries cum proximus ardet.
   Then your property is in danger, when the nearest wall is burning.

Turpibus exitium.
   Destruction for base men.

Tutum te littore sistam.
   I shall set you safe upon the shore.

Tutus ab igne sacer.
   Holy, I am safe from fire.

Ulterius ne tende odiis.
   Do not go forward in your hatred.

Ulterius tentare veto.
   I forbid you to try further.

Ultorum ulciscitur ultor.
   Avenger avenges avenger.

Ultus avos Troiae.
   He has avenged his ancestors of Troy.

Unguibus et rostro, atque alis armatus in hostem.
   Armed with nails, beak and wings against the enemy.

Unica semper avis.
   The bird that is ever unique.

Unius compendium, alterius dispendium.
   The gain of the one is the loss of the other.

Uno avulso non deficit alter.
   When one is torn away, a second does not fail.

Usque recurrit.
   It always returns.

Usus libri, non lectio prudentes facit.
   The use, not the reading, of a book makes men wise.

Varii hominum sensus.
   Various are the opinions of men.

Vel Iovi cedere nescit.
   He does not yield, even to Jupiter.

Venena pello.
   I banish poisons.

Venter, pluma, Venus, laudem fugiunt.
   The stomach, feather-bed and Venus run away from praise.

Ventura desuper urbi.
   Destined to come down on the city from above.

Verbum emissum non est revocabile.
   A word once spoken cannot be recalled.

Veritas magna est et praevalet.
   Truth is great and prevails.

Veritas temporis filia.
   Truth, the daughter of Time.

Vertitur ad solem.
   It turns towards the sun.

Victoria cruenta.
   Bloody victory.

Victoria limes.
   Victory is the boundary.

Video, et taceo.
   I see, and I am silent.

Vincit qui patitur.
   He conquers who suffers.

Vindictae trahit exitium.
   It brings the ruin of revenge.

Virescit vulnere virtus.
   Virtue grows in strength from wounds.

Virtus unita, valet.
   Virtue united, prevails.

Virtutis fortuna comes.
   Fortune, companion of virtue.

Virtutis trophaea novae non degener addet.
   In keeping with family tradition, he will add new trophies of valour.

Vis est ardentior intus.
   The power is hotter within.

Vis nescia vinci.
   A power ignorant of defeat.

Vivit ad extremum.
   It lives to the end.

Votis subscribunt fata secundis.
   Destiny makes wishes come true.

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