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For the death of the Right Hono-
rable the Earle of Devonshire.
In seaven songes whereof sixe are so set
forth that the wordes may be exprest by a
treble voice alone to the Lute and Base Viole, or else
that the meane part may bee added, if any shall
affect more fulness of parts.
The Seaventh
is made in the form of a Dialogue, and can
not be sung without two voyces.
Invented by John Coprario Pius pié
At London
Printed by John Windet the Assigne of William Barley, for
John Browne, and are to be sold at his shop in S. Dunstons
Churchyeard in Fleet Street. 1606.

I. Oft thou hast
II. O sweet flower
III. O th'unsure hopes
IV. In darkness let me dwell
V. My joy is dead
VI. Deceitful fancy
VII. A dialogue: Foe of mankind

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