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This index was last updated on 1 June 2001.

If you're looking for the JSL Ancient or JSL Blackletter fonts, they've been moved to this page.

ask.zip         Program (with assembly source code) intended for Zoomer
                class PDAs; allows user to make system setup choices
                from AUTOEXEC.BAT, etc.  DOS mode program which asks
                yes/no question (passed on command line) and waits for
                user to press either "A" or "B" button.  (1,992 bytes)

bricks.zip      POV-Ray 3.0 include file (with documentation) to
                produce a decent brick pattern.  (2,830 bytes)

expplus.zip     Collection of drivers and .ini files to put a Zoomer
                into Expert Plus mode.  From the mailing list
                "zoomer-list@lists.best.com".  (29,371 bytes)

frets.zip       Small program for calculating the placement of frets
                on a lute.  Source included.  (19,576 bytes)

geek-src.zip    Source code for GEEKCODE (see below).
                Currently at version 1.14 of GeekCode.  (27,569 bytes)

geekcode.zip    DOS/Windows executable (two programs in one!) which
                decodes version 3.1 of the Geek Code.  Currently at
                version 1.14 of GeekCode.  (80,974 bytes)

jslschl2.zip    All POV-Ray source files, include files, and bitmaps
                needed to produce the image "A Schollers Tools"
                (496,568 bytes)

jslschol.zip    POV-Ray source files and include files for the image
                "A Schollers Tools".  Bitmaps not included. (34,548

mspaper.zip     Windows utility to print music manuscript paper,
                including odd formats, such as lute/guitar tablature
                and cittern tablature staves.  (35,738 bytes)

ncc1701.zip     POV-Ray 3.0 source code of the USS Enterprise from
                the original Star Trek TV series.  (57 KB)

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