Elizabethan costumes

[Image] Elysia Eibhlin

These gowns were made by Godfrey for two of his closest friends, Lady Elysia Bondesdottir and Lady Eibhlin MacAedh.

Elysia's gown is based on a portrait by Sanchez Coello (ca. 1570-5) of Anna von Österreich, Queen of Philip II of Spain.

Eibhlin's gown is also based on a portrait by Coello, from about 1580-5. Although the actual subject of the painting is unknown, she is assumed to be the Infanta Catalina Micaela, daughter of Philip II of Spain. Rather than the red velvet of the original portrait, Eibhlin chose a blue damask for her gown.

Both portraits are currently in the collection of the Muséo Lázaro Galdiano in Madrid.

The photograph was taken at Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa, Florida.

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