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Ancient Ballads


Roxburghe Ballads
Blew-Cap for me.
The Cruell Shrow; Or the Patient Mans Woe. (1673)
An excellent new Medley; To the tune of the Spanish Pauin.
Yorke, Yorke, for my monie (1584)


Percy's Reliques
Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard (1658?)


D'Urfey's Pills to purge Melancholy (1707)
A Lusty young Smith at his Vice stood a Filing
Mad Maudlin, to find out Tom of Bedlam.


Lilly's Collection
Good Fellowes must go learne to daunce. (1569)


Original Sources
Advice to Young Gentlemen (late 1600s?)
Beggers all a row (ca. 1640)
Good Sir, you wrong your Britches (ca. 1620)
The shepheards woing faire Dulcina (ca. 1615)

Ballads in the Original Sources category were transcribed from microfilmed copies of the original broadsides.