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Jeff's Sightings
All your base are belong to us.

Okay, I thought it was a stupid Internet fad. But then it showed up in FoxTrot. And then I started seeing it in other places. I assumed it was just people bringing the online silliness into the real world -- but then I discovered incontrovertible evidence that it's been around much, much longer than that.

This example below came from an incunabulum, a book printed prior to 1500 (the versals were hand-painted, but the text and woodcuts were printed mechanically.) The Latin grammar is just as bad as -- if not worse than -- the section heading (which, uncommonly, is in English: a fact which is particularly noteworthy, given that the annotations are in French).

Of special note is the second word in the first line. Is this, in fact, all a plot of the insidious Illuminati? If so, it would explain the global nature of this bizarre phenomenon!

The entire page, for research purposes, is reproduced [here].

Second sighting: I was watching a DVD of the original Star Trek series, when I saw something strange. Zooming in on a shot of the Enterprise, I noticed that someone had messed with the registry markings.

Was it in the original? Or did someone alter it when the episode was remastered for the DVD release? The world may never know...

All Your Starbase Are Belong To Us?

Take off every "Sieg"? This photo came from a coffee-table book on the Volkswagen Beetle. Designed by Porsche, endorsed by a mass murderer, beloved by hippies everywhere.

All Your Giggling Hitler Are Belong To Us

Should I discover any further evidence of the legitimacy of this "All Your Base" phenomenon, it will be added to this page as soon as possible.

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