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GS-C Comm
GS-G                                             22 June 70
D/G Intell U.S.

Dear Mary Sue,                                COMPLIANCE REPORT

                      RE: MANSON, BRUCE DAVIS

     There have been numerous new developments on this case
and they are as follows.

     An individual by the name of Steve Grogen appeared on our
lines (PM).  I received word that he had made statements that he
was a member of Mansons family and therefore started some intell.
action, which at first consisted of talking to the girls he had
been in contact with.  By the time I had finished talking to them
Grogen had been put away in jail for car theft.  In spite of
numerous efforts on our part it was impossible to get together
with him.  I had the girl he seemed to be most in comm with, journey
out to the valley on four different occasions to talk to him
and in spite of our best efforts he was never made available. He
was either "in court" or the jail was undergoing extensive re-
decoration.  Of course we did not want it known that a member of
The Church was trying to see him.  At the same time this was going
on we received word that two members of the Manson Family "squeeky
Frome" and "Sandy Goode" were staying at the Viking Motel on 3rd
and Alverado which is in close proximity to the org.  We made no
efforts to contactthem.

     On 18 June 80 the following report was received by me.
 Report of interview with Raul Morales, Re: Charles Manson.
According to Raul: Raul arrived in prison on McNeil Island,
Washington in 1962 and became a cell mate of Lafayette Raimer
allegedly a trained Scientology auditor (about Level I in
Raul's estimation) and was introduced to Scientology at that
time.  Raimer was auditing in prison at that time and in one
10 man cell had managed to gather a group of about 7, all in
Scientology.  Charles Manson entered later and studied, did TRO
etc. along with his cell-mates and received approximately 150
hours of auditing from Raimer.  Processes used were CCH's,
Help processes (Who have you helped-Who have you not helped) and
other Dichotomy processes (Rauls terms, such as What can you
confront, what would you rather not confront), Havingness (Such
as "What can you have?" "Look around and find something you can
have.  Look around and find something you're not in."  Rainer kept recor
records of his auditing.  Manson got super-energetic & flipped
out when he'd been audited and would, for a time, talk about
nothing but Scientology to the extent that people avoided his
company.  After a while, however, Manson was screaming to get away
from his auditor (in Raul's opinion, he'd been severely over-run
or something).  He eventually managed to get put in solitary confi-
nement to get away from his auditor.  Eventually prison officials
got suspicious of the groups strange activities and broke up the
group.  Subsequently, Raul was released from the prison in 1965.
Raimer's wife was in training here at the L.A. Org in 1965-66; she
had disconnected from Raimer.  Raul just found out yesterday that
another friend, Marvin White, later sent Manson books (after the
Scientology group was broken up) on hypnotism and black magic,

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