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Old Texts & Books
Funeral Teares: lute songs by John Coprario (1606)
The Dancing Master by John Playford (1653)
The Cobler Turned Courtier (1680)
Rules... for Children to write by by F.B. (1611)
Ancient Ballads from various sources
Letter from Elizabeth I to the Mayor of London (1586)
Ale-House Licence from the reign of Charles I (1625-1649)
Latin Mottoes from 16th-century sources
London ferry rates circa 1555.
Text of John Wilbye's First Set of English Madrigals (1598).
The Sea-Gunner, by John Seller (1691).
The Seamans Grammar and Dictionary, by John Smith (1691).
Sixteenth-century jokes, from two jest-books (1535, 1595)
Sarum Rite wedding ceremony (in Latin, 1604)

Humorous Writings
Potted Meat Food Product
An excerpt from the Book of Mozilla
Amusing excerpts from legal depositions
You Know You've Been Raytracing Too Long When...
Usenet, AD 1540
My humble Oracularities collection
All your incunabula are belong to us!
A Modest Proposal upon the Chief Wahoo Controversy
Altered Images, a/k/a "photoshops"

Science Fiction
The Interocitor Homepage
The Tenctonese alphabet from Alien Nation
Borg 95 -- Resistance is futile!
A joke in the Klingon language
3D artwork, mainly SF-related (Star Trek, Space:1999, etc.)
Cartoon: Wil Wheaton watching the premiere of Star Trek: Enterprise

Miscellaneous Information
An easy method of writing counterpoint
A tutorial on custom player skins for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

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