The Tick

Save the Tick

The following transcripts are intended for people who have missed episodes of The Tick and want to catch up. They were transcribed directly from the episodes as initially shown, and were not derived from any official scripts or sources (other than the publicly broadcast episodes).

Comments, corrections or cease-and-desist letters may be emailed to me.

Season One
EpisodeEpisode TitleOriginal AirdateLinks
#0101 Pilot (The Tick vs. The Red Scare) 11/08/2001 HTML PDF
#0102 The Funeral 11/15/2001 HTML PDF
#0103 Couples 12/05/2001 (Not yet transcribed)
#0104 The License 12/06/2001 (Not yet transcribed)
#0105 Arthur Needs Space 12/13/2001 (Not yet transcribed)
#0106 The Big Leagues 12/21/2001 (Not yet transcribed)
#0107 The Tick vs. Justice 01/17/2002 (Not yet transcribed)
#0108 Arthur, Interrupted 01/24/2002 (Unaired)