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Computer Typography

      Occasionally, during my Copious Free TimeTM, I enjoy working with fonts. Sometimes it's to do fairly simple things, like adding Esperanto diacriticals to one of the basic fonts like Times New Roman; at other times, I enjoy creating fonts from scratch.

      I've always been fascinated by alphabets; Tolkien's Middle Earth books introduced me to the runic alphabet (or, more properly, the fuþark), as well as the artificial scripts he created for his Elves and other races. Such artificial alphabets also abound in science fiction, such as the Klingon pIQaD or the Tenctonese sinescript.

      As an enthusiast of Renaissance literature, however, I am equally fascinated by the typefaces of days gone by. Although Caslon Antique is an omnipresent "old" typeface, it lacks some of the features of old-style type, such as the long 's' and certain ligatures.

      My most ambitious typographical achievement so far has been to re-create an antique roman/italic typeface pair, complete with ligatures and obsolete characters. Basing the fonts on nearly identical typefaces used by two English printers in the mid-to-late 1600s (Edward Jones and J. Redmayne), I strove to create as faithful a reproduction as I could manage. Using standard typeface classification terminology, it is a transitional or Baroque Oldstyle font.

      I have decided to make these fonts publicly available as freeware, but would appreciate an email from anyone who uses them. (No, I won't charge you for them or mail you annoying spam -- I'm just curious as to how many people use them, and what people think of them.)

      The fonts are available in TrueType and Adobe Type I formats; please see the readme.txt file included in the zip archives for a table of the special characters, plus information on redistribution of the fonts. If you want to redistribute these fonts, please comply with the simple terms in the readme file.

      I use Fontographer 3.5.2 to create my fonts; it does an excellent job, and provides a great deal of flexibility when creating the glyphs.

Download Fonts
(See below for examples of the fonts)

Please note: I cannot tell you how to install these fonts under Windows, Linux, Macintosh, BeOS, or any other operating system; please check your system's documentation for the font installation procedure. You will need to "unzip" the archives before installing them; see http://www.unzip.com or http://www.winzip.com for popular unzipping utilities.

JSL Ancient and
JSL Ancient Italic
Info TrueType (205 KB) Adobe Type I (281 KB)
JSL Blackletter Info TrueType (110 KB) Adobe Type I (142 KB)
Tenctonese Sinescript Info TrueType and Adobe Type I (17 KB)
JSL Font Converter Info Self-executing installer (280 KB)

Font Samples

JSL Ancient
Sample of JSL Ancient typeface
JSL Ancient Italic
Sample of JSL Ancient Italic typeface
JSL Blackletter
Sample of JSL Blackletter typeface


JSL Font Converter is a 32-bit Windows utility which will take whatever text is in the Windows clipboard, convert it to use the obsolete characters and ligatures of any of the "JSL" historical fonts, and put the modified text back into the clipboard.

Screen shot of the Font Converter

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