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Please note: This is a work in progress. It is nowhere near finished!

In God reioyce,
With Instrument
and voyce.


W H E R E I N   I S   T A V G H T , T H E   P E R-
F E C T   M E T H O D , O F   T R V E   F I N G E-
ring of the Lute, Pandora, Orpharion, and Viol de
Gamba; with most infallible generall rules,
both easie and delight-

Also, a method, how you may be your owne instructer for
Prick-song, by the help of your Lute, without any
other teacher : with lessons of all sorts, for
your further and better in-

Newly composed by Thomas Robinson,

Printed by Tho.Este,for Simon
Waterson,dwelling at the signe
of the Crowne in Paules
Church-yard. 1603.

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