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Please Note: This is a work in progress. Until it is finished, the zipfile containing the entire set of files will not be available. I apologise for the inconvenience. If you send email to me, I would be more than happy to notify you when the zipfile is available.

      A zipped version of The Dancing Master is available for download by those who wish to study it without the inevitable net lag. If using PKUNZIP, be sure to use the -d option to preserve the directory structures. Filenames have been kept to the MS-DOS 8.3 limit, so that users of that operating system will be able to use a local copy.

      The following conditions apply:

      The zipfile is <zipped-size> bytes long, and when unzipped, requires approximately <unzipped-size>K of disk space.

      To download the zipfile, click here.

(Wondering where the actual download link is? Look at the big red text at the top of the page!)

Please note: My service provider allows ridiculously few simultaneous connections to their ftp server. If the connection fails, please try again. If you simply cannot get through, send me email.

This HTML version of Playford's Dancing Master was created by Jeff Lee <godfrey@shipbrook.net>