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Ryberg logo

      Welcome to Ryberg Electronics Corp., manufacturers of the world-famous Interocitor!

An Interocitor in action
Our most popular model, the Interocitor 451F.

      Providing a wide range of Interocitors since 1954, Ryberg is the undisputed leader in the field. We make Interocitors for many applications, including (but by no means limited to) road paving, remote vehicular control, nuclear power generation, long-range communications, surveillance, coherent-light production, and even clothing racks!

      Dr. Cal Meacham, renowned American physicist, raves about our products. "After assembling the Interocitor, I found whole new worlds opening up before me," he says.

      We believe you'll enjoy our Interocitors, too. Order yours today!

Plan views of an Interocitor
Plan views of the Model 451F.

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