Title:Captain Humes Poeticalle Musicke
Author:Hume, Tobias
Published: London; John Windet, 1607
Description: 29 pp., 2.9 MB
Subject:Music -- Scores
Notes:"Principally made for two Basse-Viols, yet so contrived, that it may be plaied 8. seuerall waies vpon sundry Instruments with much facilitie. 1 The first way or musicke is for one Bass-Viole to play alone in parts, which standeth alwaies on the right side of this Booke. 2 The second musicke is for two Basse-Viols to play togeher. 3 The third musicke, for three Basse-Viols to play together. 4 The fourth musicke, for two Tenor Viols and a Basse-Viole. 5 The fift musicke, for two Lutes and a Basse-Viole. 6 The sixt musicke, for two Orpherions and a Basse-Viole. 7 The seuenth musicke, to vse the voyce to some of these musicks, but especially to the three Basse-Viols, or to the two Orpherions with one Basse-Viole to play the ground. 8 The eight and last musicke, is consorting all these Instruments together with the Virginals, or rather with a winde Instrument and the voice"

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