Title:The First Part of Ayres, French, Pollish, and others together, some in Tabliture, and some in Pricke-Song.
Author:Hume, Tobias
Published: London; John Windet, 1605
Description: 64 pp., 7.2 MB
Subject:Music -- Scores
Notes:"With Pauines, Galliards, and Almaines for the Viole de Gambo alone, and other Musicall Conceites for two Base Viols, expressing fiue partes, with pleasant reportes one from the other, and for two Leero Viols, and also for the Leero Viole with two Treble Viols, or two with one Treble. Lastly for the Leero Viole to play alone, and some Songes to be sung to the Viole, with the Lute, or better with the Viole alone. Also an Inuention for two to play vpon one Viole."

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