Title:Sea-Mans Grammar and Dictionary, Explaining all the difficult Terms in Navigation: and the Practical Navigator and Gunner: in Two Parts
Author:Smith, John
Published: London; Randal Taylor, 1691
Description: 182 pp., 7.2 MB
Notes:I. Most plain and easie Directions, to Build, Rigg, Yard, and Mast any Ship whatsoever. With the manner of Working of a Ship in all Weathers: ? And how to manage a Fight at Sea: ? Also the Charge and Duty of every Officer in a Ship, and their Shares ? And the use of the Petty tally.

II. An Abstract of the Art of Gunnery, (or Shooting in great Ordnance and Morter Pieces:) Wherein the Principles of that Art are plinly Taught both by Arithmetical Calculation, and by Tables ready Calculated ? With the Compositions for the making of several Fireworks useful in War both at Sea and Land. ? And an Appendix how by several Geometrical ways to take Heights, Depths, and Distances, Accessible or Inaccessible.

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