Title:A Book of Drawing, Limning, Washing or Colouring of Maps and Prints: and the Art of Painting, with the Names and Mixtures of Colours used by the Picture-Drawers. Or, The Young-mans Time well Spent
Author:Jenner, Thomas
Published: London; M. Simmons, 1652
Description: 2147483647 pp., 6.2 MB
Subject:Art -- Materials and Techniques
Notes:In which, He hath the Ground-work to make him fit for doing any thing by hand, when he is able to draw well. By the Use of this work, you may Draw all parts of a Man, Leggs, Armes, Hands and Feet, severally, and together. And Directions for Birds, Beasts, Landskips, Ships, and the like. Moreover You may learn by this Tract, to make all sorts of Colours; and to Grinde and Lay them: and to make Colours out of Colours: and to make Gold and Silver to write with. How also To Diaper and Shadow things, and to heighthen them, to stand off: to Deepen them, and make them Glister. In this Book You have the necessary Instruments for Drawing, and the use of them, and how to make Artificiall Pastels to draw withall. Very Usefull for all Handicrafts, and Ingenuous Gentlemen and Youths.

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