New England Chronicle

Thursday, August 10, 1775

Cambridge, August 10.

Our People have taken two or three of the Enemy's Vessels at Machias, at the Eastward, with a Number of Prisoners, among whom is Ichabod Jones, a well known Tory, who was brought to Town Yesterday, and put into Custody of the Main Guard. The other Prisoners, we are informed, are on the Road, and may be hourly expected.

We hear from Cape-Ann, that a Vessel bound in there from the West Indies, being discovered off that Harbour last Tuesday, several of the Inhahitants went off in a Boat to assist in bringing her in. Soon after, about 30 armed Men, from the Man of War commanded by Capt. [John] Lindzee,1 boarded and took Possession of the Vessel; but she running aground on the Cape, was vigorously attacked by a Number of Men from the Town of Glocester, who soon obliged the Enemy to give up the Vessel to the proper Owners, and to surrender themselves Prisoners. The whole Number was immediately sent to Ipswich Gaol, in which 24 of them were confined. The Rest (4 or 5 in Number) were discharged, it appearing that they had been cruelly forced into the Enemy's Service. Lindzee was so enraged that he fired several Cannon Shot into the Town of Glocester, but did little Damage.

The Information given us (and inserted in our last) respecting the Expedition to the Light-House, we have been since told, was rather imperfect. Maj. [Benjamin] Tupper commanded the Troops, consisting of 250. They found on the Island 53 Persons, 33 of them Marines, of whom a Lieutenant and two Privates, with three Tories were killed on the Spot. Five of the Marines, and several of the Tories, were wounded, among whom was the notorious Capt. White of Marshfield. The whole Number, besides the killed, were made Prisoners, one of whom was the Master Carpenter from New York.

1. H.M. Sloop Falcon.
Source: Naval Documents of the American Revolution, I, 1108-9