Vice Admiral Samuel Graves

to Captain John Linzee, His Majesty's Sloop Falcon1

You are hereby required and directed to put to Sea as soon as possible in his Majesty's Sloop [Falcon] under your Command and cruize between Cape Cod and Cape Anne in order to carry into Execution the late Acts for restraining the Trade of the Colonies And to seize and send to Boston all Vessels with Arms Ammunition, Provisions, Flour, Grain, Salt, Melasses, Wood, &c. &c. And you are also hereby required and directed to look into the Harbour within the Bay of Boston, and to anchor therein and sail again at such uncertain times as you think are most likely to deceive and intercept the Trade of the Rebels.

And whereas there are many reports of armed Vessels being fitted out to annoy the Trade of his Majestys loyal Subjects: In case of your meeting any such Rebel Pyrates either in Harbour or at Sea, you are hereby required and directed to use every means in your power to take or destroy them.

You are to anchor once in ten days in Nantasket road for further Orders.

Given under my hand on Board his Majesty's ship Preston at Boston the 17 July 1775.

Sam Graves

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Source: Naval Documents of the American Revolution, I, 900