Narrative of Vice Admiral Samuel Graves1

Preston Boston 16 July 1775.

Sir,   The Falcon sailed the 20 of June with a Transport to Piscatagua, and on the 30 returned to Boston with the Cannon and Ordnance Stores according to the inclosed List from Fort William and Mary. I transmit a Copy of Governor Wentworths Letter on this Occasion.

The Charlotte Sloop, mentioned in my letter May 13 to be hired as a Pacquet or Advice Boat, sailed the 30th of last Month with Dispatches from the Governor, myself and the other Departments of Government, for the different Ports along the Continent as low as Charles Town in South Carolina, from thence she is to cross to the Bahamas, and return to Boston.

Captain [William] Duddingstone in the Senegal, whom I had stationed at Casco Bay, and to whose particular attention I had recommended the Ship Minerva, Thomas Coulson, Master, returned with that Vessel the 1st instant to Boston. I have in a former Letter acquainted you that the Minerva was built at Falmouth for a Mast Ship, and that a Vessel brought her rigging Sails and other Materials from England; from the time of her being launched, some of his Majesty's Squadron have constantly protected her and the Store Vessel from being destroyed. Disappointed by the Rebels of getting Masts at Piscatagua, Mr Coulson returned to Falmouth to endeavour to procure a Cargo for England. It was absolutely impossible; and such preparations were making to destroy her, that Captain Duddingstone at the Masters earnest Intreaty returned with him again to Boston. Soon after the Senegal arrived General [Thomas] Gage applied to me for Convoy to four Transports and three or four Slops his Excellency was sending to procure fuel for the Army: I ordered the Senegal upon this Service, and she sailed immediately for Penobscot Bay with her Convoy the 10th instant.

By Captain Duddingstone I received the disagreeable News that the Margueritta hired Schooner had been attacked and taken by the Rebels; I acquainted you in my Letter June 16 with her being sent Convoy with some Vessels appointed to bring firewood for his Majesty's Service at Boston. This Vessel except that she had no Carriage Guns, was well appointed; She had Swivels, Musquets, Pistols, Hand Grenadoes, manned with twenty of the best Men in the Preston and commanded by a very good Midshipman. The only Account I have yet seen is contained in the inclosed News Papers, but there is no doubt of its being a true Report.

Sam Graves

1. Graves's Conduct, I, 141-147, MassHS Transcript.
Source: Naval Documents of the American Revolution, I, 895