Vice Admiral Samuel Graves

to Captain John Linzee, His Majesty's Sloop Falcon1

You are hereby required and directed to proceed in his Majesty's Sloop under your Command and anchor her between Hull Point and Petticks Island in this Harbour, where you are to remain until further Order, strictly examining every Vessel going out or coming in that none may pass irregularly, and to seize and destroy all Boats or Vessels you shall discover belonging to the Rebels whether armed for fighting or calculated for the Transportation of Troops. And whereas I am informed that the Rebels are bringing Numbers of Whale Boats across the Neck from Dartmouth and Dorchester to Hingham and the Neighbouring Villages; You are here by required and directed to send me every information you can procure concerning their real situation and destination, and to use your utmost Endeavours to destroy such of them as may appear within your Reach, and you are to hold yourself in readiness to sail at a Day's Notice.

Given under my hand on board his Majs Ship Preston at Boston 7 July 1775

Sam Graves

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Source: Naval Documents of the American Revolution, I, 835