Narrative of Vice Admiral Samuel Graves1

[Boston] July 1 [1775]

The Falcon and Resolution Transport arrived with the Guns and Artillery Stores from Fort William and Mary at Piscataqua River. The Hope Schooner brought in several vessels laden with Fuel.2 The Senegal returned from Falmouth with Captain [Thomas] Coulsons Ship lately launched and rigged there, and Captain [William] Duddingston brought an Account that the Margueritta armed Schooner, sent Convoy to Mr Ichabod Jones's Vessels to Mechias, was taken by several armed Vessels in that River, after an obstinate Engagement in which Mr [James] Moore her Commander was killed with some of the Crew, and many wounded & all the Survivors, together with Mr Jones and his People carried Prisoners up the Country.

1. Graves's Conduct, I, 133 MassHS Transcript.
2. The Hope's prizes were the sloop Sally, James Jordan, master, from Georgia; and the schooner Judith, Isaac Elwin, master, from Sheepscot. Both carried cargoes of wood. The Judith had been cut out of Gloucester harbor. Graves's Conduct, Prize List, 376. MassHS Transcript.
Source: Naval Documents of the American Revolution, I, 796