Remarks &ca Onboard the Somerset

June 1775
Saturday 17
Moored in Boston Harbour
A. M. His Majesty's Ship Lively began to fire on some Rebels, who were erecting a Battery on the Hill above Charlestown; at 9, the New Battery at the No end of Boston began to fire.   at 10, the Falcon did the same; the Lively [war]ped lower down & began firing; the Rebels fired several shot.
P. M. sent 11 Men onboard the Falcon, & 30 onboard the Symmetry Transport; the transport next up the Harbor.   Boats of the Squadron, and all the Transports Boats employed taking in the Troops; at 2, the Troops, under the cover of the Lively and Falcon, landed at Charlestown without Opposition; at 3 the field pieces began to fire before a warm Engagement began; at ½ past 5 the firing slackened; The Troops burnt Charlestown; our Boats employed carrying wounded Men over to Boston; sent 6 Punchs of Water for the Use of the Troops

1. PRO, Admiralty 51/906.
Source: Naval Documents of the American Revolution, I, 701