Vice Admiral Samuel Graves

to Philip Stephens1

Preston Boston 19th May 1775

As I find the Rebels have seized and carried off into their Ports several Vessels laden with Fuel, Lumber and Provisions coming to Boston, and being informed that they have retaken two Vessels seized by the Falcon and made the men prisoners, I beg leave to submit to their Lordships that a Sergeant, Corporal and the Private Marines, in addition to the present Establishment of the armed Schooners on this Station, would make these Vessels very formidable, and enable them to do very considerable Service during the Rebellion: The Marines would also be an excellent Guard to prevent the Seamen from deserting.

I am &c.

Sam Graves

1. Graves's Conduct, 1,92, MassHS Transcript.
Source: Naval Documents of the American Revolution, I, 363-4