Journal of His Majestys Sloop Falcon

John Linzee, Commanding1

May 1775
Wednesdy 17
In Tarpolean Cove
[A M] people empd working up Junk   at 3 P M Weighd and Came to Sail   at 4 fird 3 Six Pounders Shotted and Brought too a Ship from Cape Nichola2   at 5 Came too with the Bt Br in Tarpolean Cove

1. PRO, Admiralty 51/336.
2. The sloop Three Friends, Peter Guillard, master, with wine and fruit from Hispaniola, whose cargo eventually was sold to the Boston garrison, but the "vessel was too bad to proceed." Graves's Conduct, Prize List, MassHS Transcript.
Source: Naval Documents of the American Revolution, I, 350