Vice Admiral Samuel Graves

to Captain John Linzee, H.M.S. Falcon1

Whereas in the present Rebellious State of this Country it is extremely difficult to procure fresh Meat even for the sick of his Majs Squadron under my Command, and whereas I am informed there is a great quantity of Cattle upon Elizabeth Islands near Falmouth in this Province, which it is absolutely necessary to prevent being carried to the Main; You are hereby required and directed with all possible Dispatch to proceed to Tarpawlin Cove in his Majs Sloop under your Command and there endeavour to hinder any Cattle live Stock or Hay upon the Islands being taken off, but you are upon no Account to suffer any Injury to be done to the Property or the Persons of the Inhabitants by any persons whatsoever, so long as they shall demean themselves like dutiful and peaceable Subjects to his Majesty; and if by any means you can prevail upon the Owners of the Cattle to dispose of them for his Majestys Use, you are to acquaint me thereof as soon as possible with the Terms upon which they are inclined to sell.

And as you cannot remain in Tarpawlin Cove without great Danger when the Wind is Easterly, you are to move occasionally to Holmes Hole and Mannantha Bite as the Easterly or Southerly Winds shall render necessary. For all other Orders I refer you to my general Orders and Instructions which you have already received.

Given under my Hand on Board His Majs Ship Preston at Boston the 30th April 1775

By Command of the Admiral
G. Gefferina
Saml Graves

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Source: Naval Documents of the American Revolution, I, 251-2